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🎶 I hate people when they’re not polite 🎵

I found Yarn.Social made by the awesome James Mills. It’s a web interface for #twtxt for those who don’t like CLI. I already set my own instance. His profile is and mine is

Recently found the twtxt project. Think it like a distributed Twitter without all the bad “twitterness” and without a central server. All power to the people!

Hello again, #Indieweb

Right meow, your server is offline.


Estou tentando matar a saudade do Van Damme no Ultimo Mercenário e as legendas em português não aparecem. @NetflixBrasil dá uma olhada aí. JCVD não é alguém que gosta de esperar.

Oin. Pura nostalgia!

RT @TNTarlington: 𔘓 i like me better when i' with 𝙮𝙤𝙪 ݈݇-

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